Frequently Asked Questions about Creep World novels

Information for readers and parents.
What is the Creep World series?

Creep World is a series of frightfully fun children’s horror novels featuring young protagonists encountering ghosts, monsters and other supernatural creatures. The books are written by author Luther Darkmore.

If you enjoy books by authors such as R.L. Stine (Goosebumps), Alvin Schwartz (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark) or any of the creepypasta tales you find on internet sites, you’re sure to love Creep World tales!

I'm a parent. Are these stories too scary for children?

It depends on the child, but the stories are not written to be anymore scary than novels in other children’s horror series such as Goosebumps.

Creep World stories do not feature graphic violence or anything obscene. The stories are written to frighten on a psychological level.

To be honest, if your child has an interest in horror they are likely reading so-called creepypasta stories already, and our novels are written to appeal to those who enjoy these types of stories.

What are the main differences between Creep World stories and other children's horror novels?

In simple terms, the main difference is that our books are brand new tales that deal with modern kids. Children who are avid at surfing the internet on their smart phones, download all the latest apps and engage in hobbies past generations of kids never thought about. Our world has changed a lot in the past few years.

Many children’s horror stories were written many decades ago, so as kids read them they include unfamiliar plot elements like payphones, Polaroid cameras and make references to movies and television shows from many decades ago.

Kids today also have new kinds of worries they never had to think about before. So one of our key differences is our stories can talk about these topics older children’s horror books may not discuss in today’s world.

Why do you write stories to scare children?

Children naturally seek out scary stories and this is a normal part of childhood.

Kids are generally powerless in our society. Childhood is therefore scary, and kids need stories that let them be able to experience terrifying ordeals at a safe distance, in order to get through the moments they are currently experiencing.

Furthermore, many scary stories (especially ours) are cautionary tales designed to help kids recognize bad situations and avoid danger. The consequences of the protagonist’s poor decisions may have a supernatural element, but the danger of these scenarios is often grounded in reality. That’s part of what makes them scary.

Where can I purchase Creep World stories?

Creep World books are currently available on Amazon for purchase as Kindle ebooks, or paperback.